Help Guide & FAQs


  1. The hardware is missing: Check the seat or back cushions first. Most of the hardware is pre drilled into the cushions.
  2. There is extra hardware: The seat cushion is made to accept different types of bases for versatility within our product line.
  3. The hardware will not insert all the way into the grommet: Look in the grommet to make sure no debris is blocking the hardware. Try another screw to see if it is the hardware or the grommet.
  4. The parts are not aligning: Do not tighten the hardware completely into the component you are assembling. Tighten hardware a quarter of the way and when all the items are aligned you can completely tighten all the hardware.
  5. Missing assembly instructions: Please visit our website or contact us by email, fax or telephone.
  6. The casters will not stay in: There should be a washer on the metal stem of the caster. Do not take this off. Push the caster in with some force. Twisting or using a mallet to tap it in. The caster stem needs to go all the way in. When inserted properly, the stem will not be visible.
  7. How to assemble the pneumatic lifter: Place the cylinder into the five star base with the clip facing downward. Do not remove the clip. The button should be upright. The covers to the pneumatic lifter should go: Small first, medium second and large last over the cylinder.
  8. The chair tilts forward: The seat plate may be on backwards. This is for chairs with control mechanisms with tilt and height adjustments. (Spring tilt mechanism). When sitting in the chair, the handle should be to the right side. The tension knob will be in front of the chair. For a multi-function mechanism: Pull paddle upward. Set seat or back into desired degree or position and push paddle back down to lock.
  9. The chair will not recline: Sit in the chair and pull the handle out away from the center post of the chair to unlock. Do not try to lean back while doing this or the lock will not disengage.
  10. The chair will not go up or down: Sit in chair. Reach over with right arm while sitting in the chair and grasp the handle in the palm of your hand. Fingers should touch bottom of paddle. Lift upward with force or pressure. Chair will lower. Use same directions to lift chair but lift your body weight away from the chair.
  11. My chair sits crooked: Most issues are assembly related. Please make sure you are working on a flat level surface. Check hardware and look for any type of damage or irregularity. Follow instruction steps in order. Make sure hardware is inserted correctly. Do not fully tighten hardware until chair is aligned.


Please Note: Chairs may require maintenance. Hardware should be checked often and tightened as needed. Please keep a copy of your receipt. You will need it for warranty purposes. For missing, damaged parts or if you have questions, please call: 1-800-593-1888. You can email us at: or fax the parts request form and receipt to: 323-262­2300.